Ask Your Chimney Sweep: What’s So Dangerous About Creosote?

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You and half a dozen loved ones regularly gather around the fireplace most Sunday nights in winter months, sharing a huge bowl of popcorn and cups of frothy hot cocoa. It’s your time to catch up on the happenings of the past week. You all cherish these get-togethers. They’re like cocktail parties, but minus the… Read more »

Chimney Restoration: A Good Time to Reevaluate Your Heat Source

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If you’re looking to have restoration work done on your existing chimney, consider overhauling your whole setup. If you’ve had a wood stove, perhaps it’s time to explore converting to a fireplace. On the other hand, if a hearth has been your setup maybe you’d be happier with a wood stove. Here are a few… Read more »