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Chimney Cleaning in Los Angeles CA

Our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps use state-of-the-art equipment to clean chimneys of all kinds. While sweeping your system, we ensure that it’s in working order. We look for any problems that could prevent peak performance and recommend what is needed for your system to burn cleanly and safely. Any potential hazards or problems that may be found in your system will be pointed out. The Chim-Scan closed circuit camera inspection system can allow you to see the condition of the interior of your chimney flue. 

Our trained sweeps will mask off the fireplace opening, a vacuum will be running inside the firebox, and a drop cloth will be placed on the floor. The soot and creosote deposits are scraped off the walls of the flue and the smoke chamber with brushes attached to flexible poles. The damper, smoke shelf, and hearth are cleaned of any debris.

Our methods insure that there is no mess in your home, in fact we guarantee it. The cleaning may take up to an hour, and should be done every one to three years depending on use, or when you move into a new home.