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Chimney Repair & Restoration

We offer the full range of repairs to chimney systems, big and small – from repairing leaky flashing to tuckpointing and masonry repair to relining the flue and chimney rebuilding.

Masonry Repairs

We provide a full spectrum of masonry repairs; including exterior tuck pointing, crown wash repairs/replacements, and replacing those worn out firebox bricks with new extruded fire brick.

Ceramic Flue Sealant

We have restored over 500 chimneys with ceramic flue sealant. This is an excellent way to restore deteriorated and damaged chimneys back to fire safe condition. Ceramic flue sealant will seal cracks, flue joints, and replace missing or deteriorated mortar in flue systems, without affecting the performance of the chimney. It leaves the flue system with a gas tight, fire safe, rock hard, code approved lining.


Available options are removing and rebuilding damaged portions to complete removal and replacement - masonry or prefabricated. Our experience includes rebuilding over 300 chimneys.

Damper Installation

A chimney without a damper is costing you money - as much as 30% of your heat and air conditioning can go up the chimney. We can provide a top damper that fits into a flue cap. This stainless steel damper easily opens and closes with a spring loaded pull chain mounted on the firebox wall. We also install blade dampers in the throat of the chimney.

Log Lighter Installation or Replacement

This gas fueled rigid pipe supplying heat to your wood can really make getting your fire started easy. We install and/or replace ones that have worn out.

Chimney Fan Installation 

For those fireplaces and chimneys that just will not draw properly on their own, we recommend the Exhausto chimney fan. Quiet, maintenance free, and energy efficient - the perfect solution.

Fireback Installation

Dual purpose firebacks can protect the firebox bricks from excessive wear and tear caused by heat and provide 20% to 40% more heat in the room where you can enjoy it.

Gas Log Tune-Up

We can spruce up your gas logs with a cleaning and new sand and embers kit.