Chimney Inspection & Diagnostics

We have been providing chimney inspections for the real estate industry since 1983. Our highly trained staff of certified chimney technicians can provide you with a comprehensive report that includes digital photos, building codes, industry standard references, and any recommended repairs. If requested, an exact cost of repair can be supplied with the report. You can expect fast, convenient scheduling and report turn-around time. Reports can be emailed, faxed, or mailed.

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Inspection Types

We offer two types of inspections that meet the National Fire Protection Agency's 211 standard for fireplace evaluation:

Level One

This is a visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of the chimney structure and flue. The chimney sweep will be able to give you a basic condition report after this inspection. We inspect the readily accessible areas of the chimney in the living area and at the exterior of the home. Some of the areas covered are the firebox, damper, and smoke chamber. Outside, the spark arrester will be checked to make sure it does not restrict the draft, and that it meets local building codes. The structure will be checked for basic soundness and any evidence of deterioration. This inspection should be done every one to three years.

Level Two

This is the inspection recommended before modifications, during a change in property ownership, or after a chimney fire or earthquake. A closed-circuit camera system may be used to complete a Level Two Inspection. The camera is used to inspect the condition of the interior of the flue. You will receive a detailed written report outlining any areas of concern.

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