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If you use your chimney regularly, there is nothing you can do to prevent it from getting dirty. However, you can slow it down by burning proper seasoned wood in your fireplace. Yet, it is rare that seasoned wood is the only thing you burn in your fireplace. It seems like a sensible place to get rid of other wood scraps or even wrapping paper on Christmas morning, but the other items you are putting in your fireplace are only doing harm. While a fireplace should only have seasoned wood burned in it, here are a few things you shouldn’t put in there.

Treated Wood
Who needs firewood when you have a bunch of wood scraps from your last carpentry project, right? Lumber burns very, very well, but it doesn’t burn cleanly. Lumber is treated with chemicals and when burned, it releases them into your home. It’s better to save the scraps for a campfire outside.

Wet Wood
You might not be starting a fire with wet wood, but you might be tempted to throw a damp log on a roaring fire just to get rid of it. However, wet wood is the bane of a clean chimney. It not only generates more smoke, but because that smoke is heavier and cooler, it can lead to a faster build-up of creosote inside your chimney. You will have to clean your chimney more often or risk a dangerous fire.

This also extends to Christmas trees. Even if a tree is very much dead, it is still not seasoned. Furthermore, pine needles are very smoky and the tree itself has resin that will burn quickly and risk igniting your chimney.

An upsetting letter or two dramatically thrown in the fire occasionally is fine, but paper products in bulk should stay out of your fireplace. Paper, like wrapping paper or cardboard, can release fumes you would rather not have in the home. Furthermore, paper is prone to sudden flaring that can ignite a dirty chimney or send sparks out into your home. It is a big fire hazard and should be avoided.

All these items and more can lead to dangerous situations in your home. However, even just regular use can become dangerous if you aren’t cleaning your chimney. If you want to make sure your chimney is swept out correctly, contact us today to see what Fiddler on the Roof can do for you.

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