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While wood fireplaces have their rustic charm, there is no denying they are a lot of work. They require more cleaning, the fuel is harder to get, and they can be very smoky. As such, you may be considering converting your old wood fireplace into an easier-to-manage gas model. It is possible, but every homeowner must prepare for the work that converting a fireplace requires.

Considering a Gas Insert

One of the easiest ways to convert a wood fireplace to gas is through a gas insert. While replacing a wood fireplace with an actual gas fireplace requires some demolition, a gas insert is very much just inserted inside of it. No remodeling is needed, and the price of the process is relatively low.

What To Expect

Gas Line Installation. Regardless of if you choose an insert or the full gas fireplace replacement, the biggest change that will need to happen is running a gas line to your fireplace. Depending on the setup of your house, this can be quite an endeavor. Often a gas line installation is the most expensive part of the converting process.

Venting. You will also need to make considerations for venting. Even with inserts, a collinear liner will need to be installed to handle venting. If you opt for the full gas fireplace replacement, you will have a choice between vented and ventless models.

Diligent About Upkeep. Because a gas line is involved, it’s imperative to pay attention to the maintenance of a gas fireplace to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Through annual inspections and immediate action when repairs are needed, you will be able to safely operate your gas fireplace.

Where to Begin?

While it may sound simple, converting a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace is complex, but that complexity comes from the number of options you have available to do it. Converting a fireplace to be gas-fueled is a large amount of work upfront but gives you the long-term benefit of enjoying an easy-to-operate fireplace for many winter seasons to come!

If you have a wood fireplace and want to discuss the next steps to transform it to gas, Fiddler on The Roof Chimney Service can help. Contact us today to learn what your converting process will look like.

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