What Causes Soot Stains in a Gas Fireplace?

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In wood-burning fireplaces, all it takes is one extra smokey fire to leave your fireplace riddled with black soot stains. It’s just something you can expect with wood-burning fireplaces, and why so many people turn to gas fireplaces. If you own a gas fireplace and see soot stains popping up, you may be wondering why…. Read more »

What Is Involved in Chimney Rebuilding?

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Few things in life are as solid and durable as a chimney. Constructed from materials like brick and mortar, they stand tall through the years and serve fireplace owners with pride. Until they don’t. Chimneys eventually need care and attention, especially after an earthquake occurs. Sometimes you may be faced with a full chimney rebuild. When… Read more »

Converting a Wood Fireplace to a Gas Fireplace

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While wood fireplaces have their rustic charm, there is no denying they are a lot of work. They require more cleaning, the fuel is harder to get, and they can be very smoky. As such, you may be considering converting your old wood fireplace into an easier-to-manage gas model. It is possible, but every homeowner… Read more »

Moisture Threats to Mortar Chimneys

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Why Do Chimneys Need Repair? Chimneys may seem no more complicated than a glorified hole in the roof. It would appear their only purpose is simply to release smoke into the outside air. Yet these structures involve complex construction, and their proper function is important. When wear or damage occurs, resident safety may be compromised…. Read more »

All You Need to Know About Chimney Sweeping

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When people hear of chimney cleaning, many times what comes to mind is the presence of soot. Well, chimney cleaning is a lot more than that! Read this blog post to learn some vital facts about chimney cleaning.  Importance of Cleaning the Chimney  Cleaning the chimney and the fireplace is important for several reasons. During… Read more »

When Is It Time For a New Chimney Liner?

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The chimney liner is a key component to your chimney. It plays a crucial role in preventing hazardous gases and creosote from penetrating the chimney and entering your home. The chimney liner serves as a barrier that helps ferry all these harmful gases up and out of the chimney instead of letting them linger and… Read more »