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The chimney liner is a key component to your chimney. It plays a crucial role in preventing hazardous gases and creosote from penetrating the chimney and entering your home. The chimney liner serves as a barrier that helps ferry all these harmful gases up and out of the chimney instead of letting them linger and seep in. Unfortunately, over time, some chimney liners can wear out and you will need to replace them or you put your home at risk every time you use the chimney.

Signs You need a New Chimney Liner?

Unfortunately, there are no common signs that you need a new chimney liner. It is not really something that homeowners can catch. The only way to tell if a chimney liner is cracked or deteriorating is with a camera inspection. When you have seasonal chimney cleaning, this is part of the inspection process.

What Are Chimney Liners Replaced With?

There are three common types of chimney liners. These include:

  • Cast-in-place liners
  • Metal liners
  • Clay tile liners

Clay tiles liners are the most affordable, but also the quickest to wear down. Cast-in-place liners, made from poured concrete, will resist the build up of creosote the best. However, metal liners, though the most expensive, are the longest lasting chimney liners as metal doesn’t break down nearly as easily.

Depending on your budget, how often you use the fireplace, and the area you live in, some liners may be better for your needs than others. However, you will want a professional to help you choose the liner as well as to install it. If you believe your flue liner may be deteriorating or it is time for a seasonal chimney cleaning and inspection, contact us today. Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service can help you get your chimney back in shape just in time for the winter season.


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