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Chimney inspections are recommended as they help to assess the functionality of your chimney, and in the process, identify any issues that might lead to poor performance. Typically, chimney inspections take place annually, although factors such as disasters and how one uses a fireplace, can alter this timeline. There are three levels of inspection involved, and each level differs from the next by the intensity of the inspection. Let us look at them in-depth.

Level 1 Inspection  

This is the minimum requirement in an inspection as it mostly involves a simple assessment of a venting system. Here a technician gets to look at the portions of the interior and exterior to determine the basic functionality and appliance connection of the chimney. They will accordingly ascertain if the chimney is safe to use depending on whether or not it contains any combustible materials and obstructions. Level 1 inspection is ideal for you if you do not use your fireplace frequently.

Level 2 Inspection     

Level 2 inspection is more detailed and is required when:

  • Planning to use a chimney for a long period
  • After weather damage or fire
  • Buying or selling a home with a fireplace

In level 2 inspection, a technician will do a deeper analysis of the chimney to check for any damages that might keep it from working appropriately. This will involve inspecting the inside of the fireplace and the chimney as well. They can further advise if repair and cleaning are necessary in case of extensive damages.

Level 3 Inspection

This level of inspection tends to be more ‘destructive and intrusive’ because, in most cases, it involves tearing down a chimney and constructing it anew. It is done after a fire or a disaster that leads to the destruction of the chimney. It can also be appropriate if you want to prevent unforeseen defects that you think are imminent.

Chimney inspections can go a long way in saving you the time and money you would incur in replacements and repairs. For this reason, we strive to help maintain your fireplace and vent systems all year round to save you the trouble associated with old and damaged chimneys. Contact us for professional and quality services!

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