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To maintain a properly functioning chimney, it’s important to get occasional inspections and repairs. If you’re unsure of when you may need to hire chimney sweeps, here are some signs that it’s time to call your local chimney professionals.

1. Fires Aren’t Burning Well in Your Fireplace
If you’re having a difficult time igniting a fire in the fireplace or find that fires extinguish too quickly, this indicates a problem with the chimney shaft and insufficient airflow. Fires need oxygen to thrive, so any problems starting or maintaining a fire could indicate a blockage.

2. Smoke Buildup When Burning Firewood
If a fire causes the buildup of smoke in the home, this also indicates a blockage in the chimney, which may be due to branches or leaves from nearby trees. Grease buildup on the chimney interior can also gather debris from burning wood, causing a blockage over time.

3. The Damper is in Poor Condition
A fireplace’s damper should always be in good condition, as it’s needed to regulate airflow into the chimney and fireplace. If you find that the damper isn’t sealing correctly or opening or closing easily, this could indicate rusting that may be due to an underlying moisture issue.

4. Creosote or Greasy Soot
You should check for grease or creosote in the chimney from time to time. You can do so by touching the walls in the fireplace and feeling for any buildup. While it may seem harmless, soot can be hazardous, especially once it develops into creosote, which can cause fires to spread into the walls of the home beyond the chimney.

5. You Can Hear Animals in the Chimney
In some cases, animals may become trapped in your chimney as they seek shelter in these structures, which you may be able to hear in the form of scuttling or shuffling that you can’t quite place. If you hear these noises, contact chimney sweeps to safely remove them.

If you experience any of these signs, contact us today.

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