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A favorite gathering place for family and guests is often right around the fireplace. A fireplace that no longer functions correctly becomes a headache for any homeowner and a source of frustration for everyone. Instead of ignoring the problem, consider hiring a reliable and professional service to inspect and repair any chimney problems that you might have, so you and your loved ones can once again enjoy this feature in your home.

But why isn’t your fireplace functioning correctly? Since many issues can cause chimney issues proper maintenance is the key!

The parts of the chimney exposed to the outside elements tend to deteriorate faster than other areas and may need repair/s to get them back to their original condition. The safety of one’s fireplace is always a concern, so if your flue system is deteriorated, has gaps at joints, voids or exposed bricks and/or brick joints or preferred product to use a high temperature ceramic sealant. If you’re suddenly having trouble starting a fire, your log lighter might be worn out. A simple replacement can help you get your fire started easier. If your chimney no longer draws properly, and you’re feeling a draft, your damper may not be functioning as efficiently as it should. These are just a few of the problems that can plague a house’s chimney system.

We can help! Contact us at Fiddler on the Roof for more information about all of your chimney repair needs. Our experts are here to serve you. We’ll get your fireplace back in top shape and working properly to keep your home feeling comfy and cozy once more.

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