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Prior to using your fireplace, you will need to have your chimney professionally inspected for signs of damage. When your chimney needs repairs, and you use it anyway, it can be un-safe for you and your family. Keep reading for reasons why it’s important to have chimney repairs done.

Creosote Build-Up Poses a Fire Risk

That thick, black film that coats the inside of your fireplace and chimney is a byproduct of fires called creosote. Creosote is highly flammable and can cause a chimney fire if you don’t have proper ventilation in your heating unit.

Your chimney should be professionally inspected and cleaned every year before seasonal use to prevent creosote buildup from posing a fire risk. If there are cracks or other wear in your chimney, or the lining needs replaced, you can have repairs done during inspection to best safeguard your safety.

Faulty Chimneys Release Toxins

The goal of your chimney is to safely remove smoke from your home. When a chimney is clogged, or otherwise in need of repairs, smoke billows out of your fireplace into your home, which allows toxic chemicals (like carbon monoxide and other gases) to enter your house.

Broken Chimney Caps are a Danger

Your chimney has an important element called the chimney cap. Located on the top of your chimney, this cap provides two services: the cap keeps animals out of your chimney while preventing flames from burning your home’s rooftop.

A broken chimney cap creates a danger to your home by allowing flames to lick your roof and displaces smoke removal. If your home’s chimney cap is rusted, cracked, or missing, have your fireplace specialist replace it for you.

Worn Chimneys Produce Weak Fires

Your chimney allows for air circulation that lets fires burn more readily. Without a properly working chimney, your wood burner will produce weakly lit fires that emit more smoke than heat.

While using wet or fresh wood can also create weak fires, if you’re consistently having issues with getting fires started, your chimney’s condition may be to blame. With Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service, your fireplace will stay in safe working condition. Get a consultation and contact us today.

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