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When we think of restoring a chimney, we tend to think of masonry work and little else. However, a chimney contains a number of components all of which must be in good order for a wood stove, fireplace, or furnace to work properly and safely. Here are some of the major non-masonry components that Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Servicecan restore, replace or install:

  • Ceramic Flue Sealant: When a flue liner cracks, smoke and dangerous gases, like carbon monoxide, can leak out. There are a number of ways to handle this, including using metal flue liners. Another approach is applying flue sealant. This ceramic sealant is fully approved and does not affect the performance of the chimney. It fills in cracks and any missing masonry, leaving your flue in like-new condition.
  • Damper Installation: Without a damper (or with a faulty one) a lot of air—hot during cold weather and cold during the hot months—is lost via the chimney. A damper blocks air from escaping but also allows the products of combustion to exit the chimney. Dampers come in different styles, including those that fit inside the flue cap and are adjusted with a spring-loaded pull chain inside the firebox. Another option is installing a blade damper in the throat of the chimney.
  • Log Lighter: This is a device that supplies gas via a pipe to your fireplace. It makes lighting a fire easy by providing a readily-ignited fuel source. If you don’t have a log lighter and would like one, you will need to have a gas line (natural gas or propane) installed to accommodate it. 
  • Fireback: A fireback is simply a piece of metal, usually cast iron, that is fit to size against the back of a fireplace. It protects the construction materials at the back of the fireplace and also absorbs heat that would otherwise be lost up the chimney. This heat is then radiated back into the room, increasing the efficiency of your fireplace. 

Contact us to discuss options for chimney restoration services. Our experienced staff of professionals is happy to help you select the best choice for your chimney.

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