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Chimneys need to be cleaned regularly to prevent flue fires. Sometimes, servicing is needed beyond cleaning. Repairs may be needed. It is important if your chimney needs repairs, that the person doing the work be certified. The company should have the proper licensing, as should any repair person who shows up at your door.

Beware of someone who comes to the door uninvited and who says that your chimney has a problem and that he is qualified to fix it. He must have the proper identification and certification. Chimney cleaning scams have taken place all over the country. Some of the scam artists might show up with a picture of a chimney that is not yours, or some broken debris that doesn’t belong to you either. Be sure you know that the company you are working with is a reputable one. Also beware of telemarketing offers that quote you a very low price to come and clean the chimney.

Legitimate chimney restoration and repairs might include mortar replacement, liner repair, liner replacement, and the installation or repair of a chimney cap. If you need these repairs done, check how long the chimney sweep company has been in business. Make sure the company has valid liability insurance was well as proper certifications.

Contact us for any chimney cleaning and repair work you may need. We have the licensing, credentials, experience, and technicians to take care of all your chimney-cleaning and restoration needs.

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