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A basic Google search for a chimney sweep turns up this definition: a person whose job is cleaning out the soot from chimneys.

However, chimney sweeps do more than just clean chimneys. They inspect your chimney for damage, rebuild, install, and maintain fireplaces in the home.

Over time, chimneys will develop creosote, a flammable build up that accumulates from burning a fire on the hearth. If not properly scraped off and removed, it can cause house fires. In warmer months, when chimneys are dormant and unused, wildlife such as birds and squirrels may make nests in the stack. Debris from trees may fall into the stack as well, thus creating a fire hazard. Certified chimney sweeps are well educated in proper chimney maintenance. Not only are they equipped with the necessary tools, but the knowledge of how to properly remove these hazards during regular chimney service.

These certified chimney sweeps are also aware of what to look for in the structure of chimneys. Over time, like all other things, chimneys will begin to disintegrate. This can be hazardous in many ways, and may require certain levels of inspectionto ensure the proper measures are taken to avoid structural damages to your home.

Chimney sweeps aren’t just there for cleaning and emergencies. They’re also there to ensure that chimneys meet the codes set forth by a city. These vary, but locally-owned sweep companies, like Fiddler on the Roof, are most knowledgeable about what standards a chimney should meet for your area. Those codes regulate height of chimneys, the materials they are constructed from, and size of the hearth.

While sweeping is technically the main title, it’s not the only part of the job. And, with professional affiliations such as the National Chimney Sweep Guild and the Chimney Safety Institute of America, our sweeps at Fiddler on the Roof are able to provide you with the best services around. Contact us today!

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