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Chimneys are a beautiful and stately feature on any home.  They add allure, coziness, and character to the architecture.  Chimneys are also very practical for the warmth and value they add to your home.  Constructing a fireplace in a new or old home, or a commercial space is a job that requires care and expertise.  Proper knowledge and sound building methods will create a unique chimney for your building and create a relaxing atmosphere for your space.

The process of chimney building has many factors.  The first phase will include planning and ensuring compliance with local building codes.  Planning dimensions and choosing materials is part of this phase as well.  The desired building material will impact how the chimney works.  Most chimneys are brick masonry, but they are also constructed with metal as well.  You will also need to consider which waste products your chimney will vent, as this will affect the design of the discharge flue.

Construction typically starts with the smoke chamber and progresses up toward the opening.  The architectural details of the fireplace are fully integrated into the building, and then the flue will connect to the top of this space and run directly up and out of the building inside the chimney chute.  Chimney liners are typically in use where the chute projects from the roof and metal flashing will go in the walls around the chimney for additional protection.  A chimney cap and other options are available to meet specific uses.

A new chimney will add flare to the right architecture and will make your space more engaging.  Building a beautiful and functional chimney takes work and consideration, but it is very possible. We encourage you to call Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service with any questions you may have. 

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