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Winter is in full swing, and homeowners across the country are making use of their fireplaces on a daily basis. This frequent use often leads to a buildup of creosote that clogs the flue and makes lighting a fire dangerous. Over time, the buildup can lead to cracks in the flue liner, resulting in a need for professional chimney restoration. But what can you do about a cracked flue?

Schedule an Inspection 
Scheduling a chimney inspection with a chimney sweep is the easiest way to get your flue liner back in top condition. An experienced sweep will be able to tell you where the damage lies, how extensive it is, and how much work is necessary to successfully repair the chimney. Best of all, the experts at Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service will examine the damage and handle the repairs.

Get the Damage Repaired Quickly 
A cracked flue liner is a hazard and should be repaired immediately before you can safely use your chimney. This is not a repair you’ll want to handle yourself. The flue liner must be installed correctly in order to protect your chimney. Otherwise, you may find that the flue cracks again, or even lead to chimney fires.

Restore Your Chimney 
If your flue is damaged, there’s a chance that the exterior of your chimney may need attention as well. A professional chimney restoration expert will be able to reinforce any seals between your roof and your chimney while also ensuring that the structure is adequately ventilated. Furthermore, a cracked flue can lead to warping in the chimney material as gasses and oxygen from the fireplace get trapped between the liner and the chimney. Over time, this places strain on the material and can compromise the structural integrity of your chimney.

Schedule an inspection today and have your chimney restored by the experts at Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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