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Fireplace Chimney Restoration: A task best left to the professionals In this modern age of do-it-yourselfers and internet-taught handymen, there are many jobs better left to the actual professionals. Chimney restoration or repair is definitely one of these tasks. Below we’ll discuss a few of the issues to consider when you’re contemplating this task.

• The most vital step is to have your chimney inspected and swept regularly by a professional. Aside from ensuring that you have a clean, efficient system, they will inspect it for any issues. They will be able to detect potential hazards and alert you of them.
 Another reason to have your chimney inspected regularly is seismic activity; this is a common occurrence in the state of California. Over time chimneys may become damaged so having a professional inspect all elements of your system including the firebox, crown and flue amongst other things is strongly recommended. All components of your fireplace and chimney system must be in proper working order to ensure your comfort and safety.
• Not all chimneys are the same; the size and material of the chimney lining is an important consideration in restoring your fireplace to working order. Ceramic sealant is a top choice because of the ability to withstand the high temperatures without cracking. 

Learn more about how a professional can restore the former glory of your chimney and fireplace by calling us at (818) 988-9034 or filling out our simple form.

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