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As winter nears, more and more people will start using their chimney again. It is important, however, to be fully aware of the dangers that can potentially be involved if proper care is not taken, and how to avoid them.

Although some people would like to think that a chimney does not require a lot of maintenance that simply is not the case. Chimneys are designed to effectively expel smoke from your house, but as the smoke consistently travels through your chimney, soot and creosote get stuck to the walls. These are black, ash-like and oily materials, and creosote is highly combustible.

Many things can set off a fire by causing the creosote to explode, especially when there is a large amount of creosote stuck to the walls. The chance of a fire occurring is even greater when certain conditions are met, such as an insufficient air supply, which can happen if the fireplace doors are closed during use.

To avoid unnecessary and dangerous complications, chimneys must be periodically cleaned. Because of the high risks involved with climbing onto the roof and up tall ladders, especially when the roof is slippery because of snow and ice, a professional and licensed chimney cleaning service should be hired. At Fiddler On The Roof Chimney Service, will also be able to inspect the chimney for potential dangers and determine how often a cleaning is required.

For more information, and for help with your chimney cleaning, or if you just want to find out if your chimney is safe, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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