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The crunch of colorful leaves underfoot and the sound of chimney sweeps hard at work from above are all signs that announce the arrival of fall in the LA area – only a few weeks away at this point! So are the people who flock to Rustic Canyon Park, Fellowship Lake, Ken Hahn SRA and LA County’s Arboretum for their dose of California color. At Fiddler on the Roof, we can’t give you foliage, but we can provide homeowners with clean chimneys and fireplaces. And on an autumn evening, there is nothing quite like a cozy fire, good friends and a bottle of Napa Valley’s finest.

Remember: all working chimneys in the Greater Los Angeles area should be swept before being put to use this fall. Creosote build-up is one of the main reasons why it must be done before ever lighting the kindling. You may ask, “What is creosote and why does it have to be swept away?”

Basically, creosote is a highly-flammable (sometimes toxic) residue associated with burning coals and wood. Since it’s flammable, it can prompt roofs, attics and other areas of a structure to catch fire.

Plus, the build-up may cause other problems too. Bear in mind that the residue is capable of taking different forms and may co-mingle with other chimney debris. Examples include nesting materials and soot. They can help turn the residue into big clogs, which could restrict airflow and create back drafts. Also, they inadvertently cause odors. The odors aren’t benign either. Many believe they may contribute to a cavalcade of health complications, including cancer cell growth.

Chimney sweeps, like those at Fiddler on the Roof, understand the dangers creosote may pose to people, wildlife and structures. So, we use the utmost of professionalism, skill and care to remove it from area chimneys. That includes taking measures to ensure that any creosote removed from the chimney’s interior doesn’t end up inside of a home. To learn more about having chimney sweeps remove creosote before putting fireplaces to use, please contact us today – we’d be happy to answer any and all of your questions!

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