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It may seem like a no-brainer to get your home ready for a chimney sweep. You just make sure there is easy access and it’s all good, right? Well, there is more to it than just that. Getting your home ready will take a few extra steps. You don’t need to cover your entire home in plastic wrap, but it is a good idea, though, to take a little time to get your home in order before a chimney sweep or cleaning.

Tips to Get Ready for a Chimney Sweep
Here are a few simple tips that will help speed the process along and prevent any possible accidents.
Clear a Pathway: Start by making sure nothing is blocking the path to the chimney. This could be extra wood, coal, or anything there in front of the hearth. There won’t be much equipment in the house, but your chimney sweeper should be able to have direct and unobstructed access.
Clear the Mantel: To make sure that none of your belongings are accidentally damaged in the process, go ahead and take down any pictures or knickknacks that may be on the mantel. This will not only speed up the process, but it will also ensure that your belongings are not damaged by accident.
Cover Furniture: While removing any mantelpieces, take the time to also cover the surrounding furniture and furnishings. The chimney sweep will cover the immediate area with a linen cloth or something similar. However, if there is anything of value nearby that can’t be moved, make sure they are well covered, just in case.
Have Questions: And of course, don’t be afraid to come with your own questions! Ask your chimney sweep about the process, what they do differently, what they are looking for, etc. You can also explain your concerns and point out areas that may need to be looked at. Homeowners are always encouraged to get involved as much as they want.

The total process for a complete chimney sweep should take less than an hour, so you’ll have your home and your belongings back where they go in no time. No one wants an accident to happen, but taking the time to prepare your home for a chimney sweep or a chimney cleaning will guarantee that.

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