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Maintaining your property requires you to work on the inside and outside. While you can handle some tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, and even pressure washing without much trouble, you may want to seek professional help for certain tasks in order to avoid mistakes being made.

If you use your chimney during fall, winter, and even into early spring, you’ll want to ensure that it runs well. By getting annual chimney cleaning, you can minimize long-term costs related to the chimney.

Diagnose Structural Damage

Finding fireplace problems on your own is not a simple task. A thorough inspection with the right know-how is important to diagnose problems such as structural damage. This issue will only become worse with time, but you can keep it from going unnoticed for long with annual cleaning. Once addressed, you can take care of the problem by getting the minor repairs that are needed.

Inspect the Efficiency

In some cases, you may notice that your fireplace seems inefficient with heating. If you are new to the home or at least with using the fireplace, an inspection can provide valuable information. A cleaning can improve the heat gain, but you may need a new back plate; a professional can make a second trip to your property to replace the back plate to increase overall efficiency.

Improving efficiency will minimize how much you need to spend on heating in your home.

Reduce Fire Risk

After using the fireplace several dozen times, soot buildup is inevitable. Going without regular cleaning increases the chances of a fire happening, this can lead to damage. Repairing all the damage caused by even a small fire will easily outweigh the costs of annual cleaning.

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