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In Europe a few centuries ago, chimney sweeps were commonly children as young as six years old. Young children did this job because, given their size, they could go from bottom to top inside narrow chimneys to remove soot, obstructions, etc. Children completing this dangerous of a job was eventually outlawed. And, thankfully, today’s chimney sweeping is left only to the adults!  So, now that we went over some historical facts, let’s analyze the duties of a modern-day chimney sweep.

A well-equipped chimney sweep today uses tools that were not available centuries ago. For instance, video camera inspection equipment is used to view areas in the chimney or flue that is otherwise not visible. This technology gives the client confidence in the professionalism of the chimney sweep.

Chimney sweeping also includes animal removal. Especially in colder months, a nice warm chimney flue is appealing to various animals. They enter, maybe make a nest, and take up residence. While possibly cute, it is an obstruction and fire hazard that chimney sweeping eliminates.

With that, let’s discuss the installation of a chimney cap! A chimney without a cap on it allows the free flow of debris into your flue. A stainless steel cap, often with a lifetime warranty, allows smoke to exit while lessening the entry of contaminants into your chimney.

When it comes to chimney repairs, age, weathering, expansion and contraction from fireplace are all factors that cause damage. It’s gradual, and can be barely noticeable to a homeowner, which is just another issue easily handled by an experienced chimney sweep.

When it comes to dryer vent safety, most people don’t often associate chimney sweeping with their clothes dryer, but vents of all types collect debris! A dryer vent is no different. A thorough inspection by a chimney sweep is often supplemented by a dryer vent inspection.

When your chimney needs attention, remember that it’s not child’s play! For the safety of your home and family, contact our team of credited professionals here at Fiddler on The Roof Chimney Service to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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