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Many newer homes with a decorative gas-fueled fireplace insert have no chimney, but if you have an older home with a fireplace and a chimney, particularly a masonry firebox with brick or concrete blocks, then regular chimney inspections are vital. Why?

A chimney inspection can determine if the fireplace has a cracked firebox. This element is the interior of the fireplace that holds the fire.  Although the firebox is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures, its bricks and mortar can still crack and split over time.  The entire firebox might need replacement.

Is the chimney is still attached to the house? Since most fireplaces sit on an exterior wall, if the foundation under the chimney cracks or shifts over time, then the chimney can actually become dislodged from the main structure. This dangerous situation often means installing a new fireplace and chimney.

Spotting damaged mortar joints between chimney masonry generally requires the eye of a professional chimney inspector.  Failing joints expose the chimney bricks to moisture, which can reduce brick integrity and lead to chimney collapse.

Experts recommend that homeowners have their chimneys inspected every one to three years so that small problems are detected before they become big, expensive ones. Since many chimney issues are only visible from a home’s rooftop and are easily overlooked by homeowners, hiring a professional to do the inspecting provides peace of mind knowing that your home’s fireplace and chimney are safe and functioning properly.

If you have a chimney in need of inspection, then please contact us. We’re a chimney inspection company in Van Nuys, CA. Our professional, skilled staff is waiting to assist and looks forward to working with you!

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