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All chimneys will need maintenance at some point in order to live a strong structural life. Sometimes, however, there may be a time to choose to either rebuild or restore your chimney.

You may come and go from your home without really taking a good look at your chimney but maybe it is time. When you look up at it, what do you see? Do you see cracks in the mortar? Are bricks missing or crumbling? Is the flashing on the roof damaged? These are just things that you can see externally that may appear damaged.

It is also important to consider the things on the inside of the chimney as well so that you can determine if there is any damage. So the question is: Should you restore the chimney or knock it down and rebuild? We encourage you to keep reading…

Things to Consider

A chimney is a serious part of the home and can affect the health and safety of your family members and pets. A chimney that is in poor condition can cause smoke to back up into the home and cause health problems that can land you and your family in the hospital. Fire hazard is a real concern when it comes to a damaged chimney, flue or liner. If any part of your chimney is damaged, do not burn a fire as there is a great risk. Having a chimney that is safe and in good working order helps to ensure that you and your family remain safe in your home.

Lastly, a chimney that is in disrepair will decrease the value of the home. A chimney that is in good working condition, is clean and inspected will increase the home value!

The Bottom Line

Our team of professionals here at Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service will be able to evaluate the condition of your chimney and make a determination if you need to rebuild or if the current chimney can be restored.

If only a few bricks are loose and the mortar is cracked in a few places, a restoration may be in order. However, if there is extensive damage, you may need to replace the entire chimney. We can evaluate your chimney and help you make a determination as to what the best avenue is for bringing your chimney into good working order. Please feel free to contact us for an inspection or if you have any questions on the information found within this blog post.

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