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Chimney restoration isn’t about simple aesthetics; it’s about keeping your home safe. On average, 17,600 chimney fires occurred annually in the United States between 2015 and 2017 according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. These fires rack up millions of dollars in damage for homeowners. 

There are many ways you can keep your home’s chimney safe and fully functional, from having the flue cleaned professionally to addressing minor repairs. Restoration of your chimney is necessary for many reasons and should always be handled by a certified professional. Here are signs you need chimney restoration in your home.

Your Chimney is Aging

Is the chimney flue cap broken or missing? Are there crumbling bricks around the outside of your chimney? Does the chimney lining need to be replaced?

If your home’s chimney is older, replacing or restoring part or all of your chimney’s structure is key. Restoration involves making sure your home’s chimney is up to current fire code standards first, followed by the benefit of making the feature look more pleasing.

Your Chimney is Failing

How well does your fireplace hold fires? Are fires easy to light, or do they burn out almost instantly? Do you see flames coming up your chimney flue when you have fire lit? Does smoke billow back down the flue into your home?

If your chimney is failing to properly circulate air and keep your home free of smoke and toxins from your fireplace, you should have the chimney cleaned to see if the problems you’re having can be cleared up this way. An experienced chimney sweep has the industry training to identify problem areas in your chimney and discuss the next steps with you on how to resolve the safety hazards.

If you notice any issues with your chimney or have not used your fireplace in some time, have the fire feature inspected before future use. This way, you can better ensure a healthy home where the likelihood of a chimney fire is greatly diminished. 

Summer is prime time to have your chimney inspected after a long winter season of use. For all your chimney needs, Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service is here for you. Contact us today so you can have your natural heating feature safely operating again.

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