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It’s the season of barbecues, days at the park, and hot summer nights.  After leaving the chill of winter behind, your fireplace or wood burning stove is probably the last thing on your mind right now.  Then like all seasons, summer will come and go, and with that first cold snap, the new flakes that fall from the sky will make you want to sit beside a cozy fire with your favorite hot drink and watch the world settle down under a blanket of white.

However, this is LA and snow only happens like that on the movie sets! Having that said, it will most likely be rainy, chilly, and gloomy.

Unfortunately, for most people, this is the same time of year they discover their chimney is not winter ready.  A clogged, dirty, or faulty chimney in need of repair can create any number of problems; such as filling your home full of smoke or something as serious as a fire due to creosote buildup.

Summertime is the ideal season to give your chimney some extra TLC.  Conditions are ideal for cleaning, but if serious problems arise, summer is even better for repairs or replacements.  Cleaning now will ensure that any animal nests are removed, as well as ash and soot buildup needing to be cleared out. All of these factors can certainly lead to fires if not cleaned properly and is therefore a job to be taken seriously.

We encourage you to contact Fiddler On The Roof Chimney Service in Los Angeles CA so that we can get your home ready for winter!

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