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Homeowners need to know their chimney is something that is going to need attention and effort to keep clean. If they just bought the home, they probably have never had a chimney, especially if it their first home.

They need to know that a critical part of chimney ownership is keeping it clean and well maintained.  Scheduling regular chimney cleaning is going to prolong the usage of the chimney, as well as keep the home safer. No one wants to have to spend large amounts of money on chimney repairs, so when you think about the cost of chimney cleaning, remember that it is much more cost efficient to have it cleaned and serviced than to have it fall apart down the road.

Keeping the chimney clean will prevent any excessive buildup of creosote, which is an enormously combustible substance. Regular cleaning can also mitigate debris, which can also contribute to a chimney fire. Since creosote is so flammable, homeowners must be mindful that any type of buildup is dangerous. Other buildup includes leaves, branches, and even animal nests. All it will take is one burning ember to climb up the chimney, and ignite whatever the obstruction is.

Regular chimney cleanings can also reduce the potential for odors to become a problem. Chimneys that are not regularly cleaned will eventually emit unpleasant smells. All of that buildup that accrues within the chimney will eventually start to send foul odors down into your home.

Hiring the professionals at Fiddler on The Roof Chimney Service results in your chimney being cleaned with state-of-the-art equipment, and while sweeping your system, they’ll even inspect it to ensure that it’s in working order, so contact us to set up an appointment.

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