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As a homeowner, you make decisions on how to take care of your home on a daily basis. And whether you are using eco-friendly products for cleaning, taking care of any small problems that may arise, or simply checking off your list of home projects, chimney sweeping should be an important point of consideration.

Chimney sweeping has existed for hundreds of years, and still remains an important profession and service. When coal fireplaces still heated most homes, uncleaned debris and soot would begin to pollute the house, which is why they needed to be swept. Even though we no longer use coal in our traditional fireplaces, cleaning out your chimney at least once a year remains an important project.

Especially if you have a fireplace that you used in the fall and winter months, you should have your chimney cleaned in the spring. Doing so helps to remove residue, which can build up over time. Additionally, chimney sweeping in the spring means it will remain in good shape, until you are ready to use your fireplace again in the fall.

Chimney sweeping also comes with a variety of ancillary benefits. The professionals at work will also be able to look at the overall health of the structure, and decide if there are any structural problems that may need to be resolved. In other words, an annual chimney sweep will not only keep your chimney clean, but also function as an early detection system to prevent larger problems and costs down the road.

So when you are thinking about spring cleaning, don’t forget your chimney. To learn more about our services, please contact us.

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