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Chimney repair often gets overlooked because when people see brick they think of something indestructible. However, although built to last, brick and mortar are porous: tiny holes in brick allow water to seep in and will eventually break down the structural integrity of the brick. Even though repairing problems with your chimney can be extensive and therefore expensive, repairing small problems when they first begin can eliminate high dollar cost down the road.


What You Can Do 

As a homeowner, inspect for changes in your chimney’s appearance. Look for cracking and crumbling of the brick. Check for signs of damage to the cap or the crown on top of your chimney and the flashing around it. Inside your home monitor to see if you have water or moisture inside the fireplace.

Serious damage to your home’s structure can occur from lack of attention to your chimney. Severe breakdown can lead to a collapsed chimney which poses a large safety risk to you and your family. Water from rain winds its way through the brick, carving out large paths for future water to travel through as it makes its way to the lowest point possible. After water seeps through the bricks, it infiltrates your ceilings, walls and floors, initially causing cosmetic issues and eventually leads to deterioration, rot, and foundation damage – damages which are all very costly to repair.

Preventative and general maintenance care are the best ways to ensure your home and family stay safe while enjoying your chimney and fireplace for years to come. If you have any concerns about the health of your chimney, contact Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service today. We have over thirty years of experience with an excellent team of trained professionals.

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