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Maybe you’re not afraid of heights and are handy with a chimney brush. If that’s the case, why should you spend the money to hire a professional to do your chimney sweeping? Why not just do it yourself?

There’s more to chimney cleaning than just cleaning out creosote. A professional chimney sweep will also do an inspection, which is just as important, if not more so, than simply sweeping away creosote. And having someone who knows what to look for can save you a lot of potential problems down the road. Home heating fires are not just a chimney issue. There are other things to consider such as clearance to combustibles, substandard floor protection, and damage to chimneys or flues. A trained professional will spot problems immediately before they become catalysts for a chimney fire that can potentially damage your home or worse. A chimney professional is certified to spot these potential hazards in order to ward off the very real dangers they pose. If a problem is found, they’re equipped to make repairs and restore your chimney to proper and safe working order.

Keeping your chimney clean and functional is vital to its performance. Not cleaning and maintaining it properly is akin to failing to do basic maintenance on your car but expecting it to perform perfectly for you anyway. As with a car, a chimney suffers from regular use and especially from neglect. Sweeping it is a good start, but it’s not the whole “ball of wax,” so to speak.

Take care of your chimney, and it’ll take care of you and your home. If you live in the great Los Angeles area, contact us to schedule an appointment now!

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