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When performing maintenance around the house, average homeowners are most likely to think along the lines of plumbing and electrical systems. While these are certainly very important, there are some often neglected aspects of the home that can greatly increase the quality and safety of your household if maintained regularly. Annual chimney inspection is an especially valuable investment for the safety and value of your home.

There are two different types of chimney inspection: level one inspection and level two inspections. In short, a level one chimney inspection aims to ensure that your chimney remains consistent with local building codes, functions properly and efficiently, and remains structurally sound and free from deterioration. Conscientious homeowners should aim to schedule level one chimney inspections annually to ensure that their chimney remains fit for regular usage and is not in need of repair.

Level two inspections, however, focus more on circumstances beyond everyday wear and tear. A level two inspection is highly recommended after earthquakes, before renovations, and before selling your home. Earthquakes, of course, can quite easily damage a chimney in ways that average wear and tear will not. For renovations, certain modifications may be restricted or require necessary changes to your chimney due to local building code. When selling your home, the level two inspection pertains both to the safety of potential future owners and the value of your house on the market.

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