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Heating season is fast approaching. Maybe you’ve even had to turn the heat on and off a few times already on an especially chilly morning! Now that you’re about to get ready to fire up the boiler or start your wood-burning season, ask yourself, is it time for a chimney inspection?

How long has it been since your last chimney inspection? Or maybe a better question is, when did you last have your chimney cleaned? A good chimney sweep will inspect your chimney at the same time. Letting a chimney build up creosote is a recipe for disaster. Your chimney is a vital part of your total home system, and it’s too important to leave to chance. A chimney fire can smolder for hours before a nearby combustible catches fire. Don’t risk your family’s safety and well-being by neglecting a yearly chimney cleaning, but don’t neglect a visual inspection every one to three years, either.

A professional chimney sweep will clean and visually inspect your chimney and its components to make sure there are no cracks, obstructions, venting problems, or anything that could make your chimney unsafe. This is known as a level 1 inspection.

A level 2 inspection which looks inside the flue with digital cameras, is in order if you’re a new owner, you’ve had a chimney fire, or you’re planning on modifications to your chimney.

If your chimney professional finds a problem, he’ll provide you with a cost of repairs for your approval.

If you need a chimney cleaning, inspection, or repair in the greater Los Angeles area, contact us at Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service.

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