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A wood burning fireplace is one of the greatest luxuries a home can have when wintertime rolls around. Yet it is important to realize the importance of regular maintenance and repair–especially where your chimney is concerned. Read on to learn about two signs it’s time to have your chimney repaired.

Damper Rust 
All chimneys are constructed to keep water where it belongs: outside of your home. Thus it is a bad sign when moisture begins getting into your chimney. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to tell when this has become a problem. Perhaps the strongest signal that water is making its way into your chimney is rust on the damper.

If you have noticed that your damper has become more difficult to move, or that it no longer forms a tight seal, it’s a good idea to grab a flashlight and take a look for signs of rust. If you notice any, this is a strong sign that water is getting into your chimney. Not only can this lead to the need for a new damper, but it can also cause the chimney liner to become cracked and damaged.

Crumbling Mortar 
Mortar is the name of the cement-like substance used to hold together the bricks that make up your chimney. As time goes on, mortar naturally begins to degrade and crumble away. Once this process has started, it tends to proceed rapidly. That’s because the missing mortar allows water to penetrate deeper between the bricks. Then, when freezing weather hits, that water expands and forces even more mortar out of place.

Unless you have recently taken a trip up to your roof, chances are you may not have noticed the state of your mortar. If you are not comfortable performing this inspection yourself, or have other chimney-related problems you would like addressed, please contact us.

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