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When you have an older home that has a fireplace, you may find that you don’t use it nearly as much as the previous residents due to relying on central heating instead. If you find that the fireplace is going unused every winter, you may be thinking about repurposing it into a closed fireplace with decorations set up inside. Before redesigning your fireplace, consider the following reasons why you should have your chimney inspected first.

Repair Any Structural Issues

When it’s been a long time since you’ve used your chimney, you may not be aware that there could be structural issues that need repairs. Having a chimney that’s in poor condition can be dangerous for your home, making it important for you to have it inspected by a professional so that you can have the peace of mind that it’s going to continue standing strong.

Take Care of Deep Cleaning

When you’re eager to update your fireplace, you need to get cleaning done for the inside of the chimney so that it’s spotless before making any changes. Deep cleaning the chimney yourself can be difficult or nearly impossible due to the special equipment needed, making a professional the best fit for the job.

Get Advice for Closing the Chimney

When you want to stop using your fireplace and convert it into a decoration piece in your home, you may need to have the chimney filled so that it won’t be bringing a draft into your home. Getting advice on how to convert your fireplace can be easy when you rely on a professional to inspect your chimney for you.

As you get ready to repurpose your fireplace, it’s important that you don’t forget about the needs of your chimney first. Contact us to schedule an appointment for updating your fireplace and getting your chimney thoroughly inspected.

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