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You might know why having a regular chimney inspection is important, but you might not know what happens during the process. A reliable chimney sweep will give you the rundown of what all they checked during the inspection, but if you have never been informed, here are what we are checking.

Damage to the Flue System and Firebox

Usually done with a video inspection, your chimney sweep will inspect the flue system for damage. Typically this includes any cracking or missing tiles as well as missing mortar joints. As this system protects the more combustible parts of your house frame from the heat, damage can be dangerous.

The firebox is checked as well, though a video inspection is not necessary to check it. Like with the flue, damage to the firebox can mean your home is vulnerable to the ambient heat, and as such that damage needs to be repaired.

Exterior Damage

Keeping the exterior of your chimney damage free is just as important as keeping the interior in shape. The chimney sweep will look over the exterior on the roof to check the integrity of the brick. This is crucial because one crack on the exterior often compounds very quickly and leads to much of the brick crumbling.

Cap and Damper Damage

Your chimney sweep will also thoroughly check the damper and cap that help prevent chimney issues. The chimney sweep will check both parts to ensure they are not damaged or rusting. They will also test the damper to make sure it actually functions properly.

Are you overdue for a chimney inspection? An inspection should be done at least once a year to keep your home safe and sound. If you need your chimney inspected or cleaned, contact us today so Fiddler on the Roof Chimney Service can get to work.

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