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A perfect chimney is one that doesn’t smell, or at least doesn’t smell so strongly that you can smell it across the room. Sometimes chimney odors can be expected, especially on humid summer days, but with regular cleaning it doesn’t need to be an issue. That being said, if your chimney is starting to smell, you can diagnose what is going on inside.

Acrid Smells

When you burn wood inside a chimney, it produces creosote as a byproduct. This byproduct is flammable the more it builds up and needs to be cleaned away by a professional chimney sweep between each fire burning season. If you can smell a strong acrid smell, that is likely creosote and it is likely you need a cleaning sooner rather than later!

Rotting Smells

The unfortunate reality is that sometimes animals get in your chimney. Sometimes those animals also become trapped and pass on. When they begin to rot, you will certainly be able to smell it. However, this smell can also be caused by droppings, nesting material, or even food that animals bring in.

Compost Smells

Like your gutters, your chimney can also occasionally collect the odd fallen leaf or other debris inside of it. Like leaves left in a pile to be rained on and rot, they can produce a similar smell inside of your chimney.

Damp Smells

If you catch a whiff of your chimney and smell distinctive damp smells then you have a problem! Damp smelling chimneys are caused by leaks that are causing mold and mildew to grow. These leaks can be easily fixed to prevent not only new mold growth, but damage as well.

Need Help?

Do you have a smelly chimney? Even if you can’t identify the smell, a professional chimney sweep can make sure it is taken care of. Whether it is creosote buildup or a deceased animal up there, contact us today so we can swiftly take care of it!

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