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For most homeowners, the biggest worry when it comes to their chimney is if it is clean. While a clean chimney to prevent fires should be your major concern, you also need to worry about the other alternative – a chimney that is too wet. If your chimney is dripping, it doesn’t seem like a huge problem, but it will lead to huge problems! So, be sure to keep that in mind.

Water dripping in your chimney is responsible for problems that you might expect as it can easily turn into mold and mildew that will invite the smells and the spores further inside your home. However, you will also need to worry about that dripping affecting the masonry. The movement of water can wear down the masonry, but the real worry comes in the winter. This water can get into the existing cracks in the masonry, freeze, expand, and increase the cracks further. While a few freeze and thaw cycles may have little effect, a few years of dripping gone ignored will mean that you’re in store for an expensive chimney repair.

If your chimney is dripping, it is possible you will hear it before you see it. If you suspect dripping, you need to call a chimney repair service right away in order to address the issue and prevent any further damage. In many cases, they will first look to the flashing. If the chimney was not installed properly with flashing, it will lead to leaks. However, damage to or lack of a chimney cap can also cause dripping problems.

If you have a chimney that is dripping, whether you can see the water, hear the dripping, or have seen spots of water damage around the chimney, contact us today! Chimney repair is something that is best left to a professional service. Let us help you get your chimney dried up quickly!

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