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If you’re a regular member of the “Do-It-Yourself” club, sweeping your own chimney sounds easy-peasy, nothing to it, and a money-saver.

But hold on! There’s far more that goes into the task of chimney sweeping than simply buying a brush, rods, and watching a how-to video. Having that said, ridding your chimney of built-up creosote is not something you should attempt to tackle on your own.

Before heading to the big-box home store near you, think about why hiring a professional chimney sweep may be the best decision. We encourage you to take the following points into consideration:

Your Pal, the DIY Gene   

You were born with or have a well-developed DIY gene, and it nudges you into repairing and fixing things; such as replacing your kitchen faucet or oven heating element. You’re good with hand tools, and friends have heard you refer to yourself as your household’s handyman.

But are you an expert at climbing on your roof and poking a chimney brush down the chimney opening to remove the built-up crud inside? If you aren’t a licensed chimney professional, then the answer to that question is no, you are not an expert when it comes to this particular task.

Remember, chimney sweeps are experts at this work, and they’re trained to inspect and fix chimney problems. Sometimes, not all the time, your DIY gene (the tricky guy that he is!) likes to goad you into doing taking on fix-it tasks that you shouldn’t attempt.

Being 30 or 40 feet High from the Ground

Do you handle heights well? Or does the thought bring on day-mares at the mere thought of climbing more than 10 feet off the ground? Before you answer, remind yourself you’ll be standing, not kneeling or sitting, the whole time you’re sticking the chimney brush down the chimney opening while dislodging crud buildup.

Even if you do enjoy the thrill of heights, we suggest you ride an Amusement Park Ferris Wheel instead. Trust us; the view will be prettier than the creosote build-up in your chimney!

Problems you Weren’t Expecting

That’s the beauty of hiring a professional – they’re trained to inspect chimneys and know what to do if they see a cracked wall, animal that has set up housekeeping in your chimney. Be totally honest with yourself; would you have equipment and the know-how to remove a bird, bat, or other small creature to a better place than your chimney? Professionals are here to take life that burden from your chimney (and shoulders!).

Weigh in With your Homeowners Insurance Agent

Your homeowner’s insurance agent may not be so keen on your money-saving idea – especially if your policy requires that a qualified chimney sweep signs off and certifies that the completed work ensures that the fireplace is safe to use.

Some home jobs are perfect DIY projects. Don’t rush into this one.

Give us a call, and let’s talk about how we can keep you, your family, and home safe from dangerous chimney fires. Peace of mind – that’s what you’re paying us for!

Why not contact us right now, while you’re thinking about it?

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