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Fireplaces are wonderful things that can add value to your home and create a homey atmosphere when lit. Like the rest of your home, your fireplace needs regular maintenance, cleaning and inspection.

Every one to three years, you should have a Level 1 inspection done of your chimney. A Level 1 inspection is a visual inspection that includes checking the structure of the chimney to make sure it’s still sound.

A Level 2 Inspection is typically done before buying a home, after a natural disaster like an earthquake, or before any renovations or changes are made. Usually, a camera is used to inspect all areas of the chimney, including those that can’t be seen normally.

An uncleaned chimney can lead to many potential hazards, like carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, and smoke coming back into the home. Many different things can cause a chimney to become unsafe, from an animal nesting in it, creosote build-up, or cracks in the mortar and bricks.

It’s always easier to catch and fix a problem in the early stages than it is to fix when it’s a big issue. The peace of mind you’ll get from knowing that your chimney is safe and that your biggest asset is protected is priceless.

If you need an inspection done on your chimney, contact us today. We are certified for both Level 1 and Level 2 and will give you a detailed report of any problems that are found, and possible solutions to those problems.

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