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Have you noticed that the decorative logs, glass, or walls of your gas fireplace are starting to get a soot-like substance on them? If yes, then it needs to be investigated. Gas fireplaces are typically tuned specifically to produce either yellow or blue flames, and typically produce very minimal soot. So, if you have noticed this build up, you need to address the potential causes with a chimney sweep.

What Causes Soot in Gas Fireplaces?
There are a few causes of soot in a gas fireplace. Unfortunately, because these fireplaces are set up in a very specific way, often you need a chimney service to help you make the correct adjustments to fix them.

Ceramic Log Positioning
If you have been cleaning the decorative ceramic logs yourself, then there is the potential that they are out of position and causing soot from unburned fuel. Furthermore, if they have been out of positioning for a long time, there is the potential that a gas burner has now become clogged as well, which will make the soot problem worse.

In order to produce either blue or wood-like yellow flames, your gas chimney uses a very specific air-fuel mixture. If you have an unvented fireplace, this isn’t an issue. However, for those with vents, you need to make sure they are in the proper position and unobstructed to prevent soot production.

Old Age
Unfortunately, sometimes this problem is caused simply because your burners are getting old. If they produce rust or just wear out, they produce different amounts of fuel, and that causes soot. However, they can be replaced to get your gas chimney back to clean burning again.

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