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Many homeowners don’t pay enough attention to their chimneys, assuming these structures are safe from wear and tear over time. However, problems can occur with chimneys, requiring chimney repair services.

The following are some common reasons you may need chimney repairs.

1. White Discoloration or Efflorescence

Oftentimes, chimneys are vulnerable to what’s known as efflorescence, or white discoloration or staining. The reason for this is moisture buildup, which simple cleaning won’t resolve. Efflorescence is indicative of excess moisture, which can cause the chimney to deteriorate over time, requiring repairs.

2. Mortar Joint Deterioration

Mortar joints can also become damaged over time, requiring quick repairs to avoid more extensive damage. Over time as mortar deteriorates, masonry will be exposed to higher levels of moisture, which can cause the chimney to deteriorate over time. During those colder months, that moisture can freeze within cracks throughout the masonry. When thawed, that frozen moisture could cause even larger cracks, ultimately leading to the chimney collapsing without repairs.

3. Rust

There should never be any rust in your damper or firebox, as the presence of rust could indicate excess moisture. While the rust may not be visible, it may be present if you notice that the damper doesn’t function or seal properly.

Rust could also indicate other serious issues such as cracks in the flue tiles.

4. Spalling

Spalling entails damage to the exterior of the chimney, which may be an issue if you notice pieces of masonry sitting around the base of the chimney. Spalling occurs when moisture develops in masonry, causing the concrete, brick, or stone materials to break off.

5. Shaling

Shaling involves damage to the flue lining, which can be detrimental to your chimney over time. Shaling may be taking place if you see pieces of chimney tile in the fireplace, but it isn’t always noticeable if only cracks are present in the flue lining. If you see any signs of shaling, it’s time for repairs.

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