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Chimney owners generally don’t give too much thought to the cap that sits on their chimney. This usually means that if it gets knocked off or damaged, they wonder if it is really that important in the first place! However, the longer you go without a chimney cap, the more integral chimney owners realize it is.

Chimney Caps Ensure Proper Ventilation

One of the most important jobs of a chimney cap is that it keeps both wind and animals out of your chimney. The cap essentially prevents animals from building their nests inside your chimney and also prevents wind from entering – causing potential dangerous downdrafts. Preventing both issues ensures that your chimney gets the proper ventilation it needs to burn safely and without allowing carbon monoxide to build up.

Chimney Caps Prevents Water Damage

One of the first things you may notice once a chimney cap comes off is that you may get a little water leaking down when it rains. Typically it is not a huge amount inside your home, but that water is causing another problem. That moisture inside your chimney is eroding the bricks and providing a great environment for mold to grow.

Chimney Caps Help Contain Chimney Fires

With luck (and proper maintenance) you won’t ever have a chimney fire start. However, if you do, a chimney cap can be crucial in preventing the spread. While a chimney cap won’t necessarily extinguish the fire, it will contain embers from flying up, out, and onto your roof or surrounding buildings.

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