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Getting your chimney cleaned might be one of those things you plan to do, but then keep forgetting about. There are well recognized benefits of chimney cleaning, such as fire safety and more efficient heating, but chimney cleaning is also better for your health. Let’s explore why.

Allergens & Dust & Mold

Even if your chimney was capped right after the cold months, it’s likely that the inside of your chimney is home to a lot of allergens, dust, and possibly mold. Allergens affect the indoor air quality of your home, as do dust particles that are likely to land on the inside of your chimney. Consider how much dust accumulates if you wait just a couple of weeks to dust a furniture piece!

It’s also not uncommon for chimneys to have mold inside them. That’s because it just takes a small amount of dampness or moisture for mold to start growing and spreading quickly. Some molds are rather harmless, but others can be quite damaging to your health, particularly your lungs.

Insects & Spiders

Insects and spiders like to hide in dark spaces such as basements, attics, and chimneys, and the less clean the better. While most spiders and insects are not harmful, there are some that are dangerous enough to bite you and cause serious health problems.

Cleaner Fire

If there’s a blockage in your chimney, you may be breathing excess carbon monoxide, which is very bad for your health. Creosote is another toxin that you and your family may be breathing if chimney cleaning is neglected. Creosote is the stuff that’s left after wood is burned. It’s mostly tar, but it can also be very bad for your lungs and health when consistently breathed. Prolonged exposure has been linked to several types of cancer.

After your chimney has been cleaned, when you light the first log when it gets cold, you can rest assured that the air coming from your chimney isn’t burning other fumes.

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