The Importance of Chimney Sweeping In Spring

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As a homeowner, you make decisions on how to take care of your home on a daily basis. And whether you are using eco-friendly products for cleaning, taking care of any small problems that may arise, or simply checking off your list of home projects, chimney sweeping should be an important point of consideration. Chimney… Read more »

How Chimney Sweeps Protect You and Your Home

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There are a few areas of your home that probably don’t get the attention they should. One of these things is your chimney; though the chimney plays an integral role in keeping your home safe and healthy, it often isn’t given a second thought. If you haven’t had your chimney professionally cleaned or inspected within… Read more »

Thinking of Buying a House? Don’t Forget a Chimney Inspection

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House hunting can be overwhelming, and if you’re stressed about potential problems in a house, you can protect yourself by doing a thorough inspection of the property before you sign on the dotted line. When checking out a potential dream home, don’t forget a chimney inspection. So many home buyers have romantic notions of sitting… Read more »

The Dangers of Not Having a Chimney Cap

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One thing many people overlook when chimney building involves installing a cap. A chimney cap is more than just decorative; it provides your chimney with a great deal of protection in more ways than one. Here are some problems you could face by failing to install a chimney cap. Water Damage Using a chimney without a… Read more »