Insurance Providers Care about Chimney Inspections and Chimney Maintenance

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Proper chimney care will go a long way in keeping a dwelling safeguarded against a risk of fire. Chimney inspections and proper maintenance practices are two things that insurance providers take note of when it comes to offering coverage or renewing a policy. Underwriters are also starting to ask insurance agents and third-party inspectors to… Read more »

Regular Chimney Inspections are Vital

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Many newer homes with a decorative gas-fueled fireplace insert have no chimney, but if you have an older home with a fireplace and a chimney, particularly a masonry firebox with brick or concrete blocks, then regular chimney inspections are vital. Why? A chimney inspection can determine if the fireplace has a cracked firebox. This element is… Read more »

5 Signs It’s Time for a Chimney Inspection

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During the winter, you rely on your home’s heating system to keep your family comfortable when it’s cold. In order to ensure the safety of your home and family, it is important to perform routine maintenance, including chimney inspections. If you are unsure about whether you need one, here are 5 signs it’s time for… Read more »

Time for a Chimney Inspection?

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Heating season is fast approaching. Maybe you’ve even had to turn the heat on and off a few times already on an especially chilly morning! Now that you’re about to get ready to fire up the boiler or start your wood-burning season, ask yourself, is it time for a chimney inspection? How long has it… Read more »