Chimney Restoration: What, When, Why, and How

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All things age and deteriorate, and at times they made need to be replaced. Chimneys are faithful in providing that lovely warmth that you feel within the winter months, but they too require restoration over time. Mortar joints damage with time, dampers rust, and spalling happens. These are just a few of the things that… Read more »

Insurance Providers Care about Chimney Inspections and Chimney Maintenance

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Proper chimney care will go a long way in keeping a dwelling safeguarded against a risk of fire. Chimney inspections and proper maintenance practices are two things that insurance providers take note of when it comes to offering coverage or renewing a policy. Underwriters are also starting to ask insurance agents and third-party inspectors to… Read more »

Chimney Sweeps: Who Do I Hire?

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While you can maintain your fireplace all year long, yearly inspections are still key to ensuring fires or carbon monoxide poisonings don’t befall your household. Hiring a chimney sweep that is capable of proper inspection and cleaning is crucial so that you can continue to enjoy your fireplace. Certified sweep companies are highly recommended to… Read more »

The Importance of Chimney Cleaning

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Homeowners need to know their chimney is something that is going to need attention and effort to keep clean. If they just bought the home, they probably have never had a chimney, especially if it their first home. They need to know that a critical part of chimney ownership is keeping it clean and well maintained.  Scheduling regular chimney cleaning is going… Read more »

Regular Chimney Inspections are Vital

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Many newer homes with a decorative gas-fueled fireplace insert have no chimney, but if you have an older home with a fireplace and a chimney, particularly a masonry firebox with brick or concrete blocks, then regular chimney inspections are vital. Why? A chimney inspection can determine if the fireplace has a cracked firebox. This element is… Read more »

Springtime Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance

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Spring is approaching, and as the cold weather of winter makes way for warmer temperatures you are probably using your fireplace less frequently. This is the perfect time to start thinking about what maintenance is best for your chimney. When considering spring-time chimney cleaning, there are a few important things to keep in mind: If… Read more »

3 Common Chimney Problems

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There’s nothing that compares to the warmth and relaxing ambiance of a fire. But if you want to safely enjoy the fireplace in your home, you’ll need to ensure the chimney is properly maintained. Today we’re going to take a look at some common chimney problems. 1) Cracked Flue One of the most common chimney… Read more »