Chimney Restoration: A Good Time to Reevaluate Your Heat Source

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If you’re looking to have restoration work done on your existing chimney, consider overhauling your whole setup. If you’ve had a wood stove, perhaps it’s time to explore converting to a fireplace. On the other hand, if a hearth has been your setup maybe you’d be happier with a wood stove. Here are a few… Read more »

Minimize Long-Term Costs with Annual Chimney Cleaning

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Maintaining your property requires you to work on the inside and outside. While you can handle some tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, and even pressure washing without much trouble, you may want to seek professional help for certain tasks in order to avoid mistakes being made. If you use your chimney during fall, winter, and… Read more »

Chimney Inspection with Winter Right around the Corner

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Getting ready for winter may mean taking care of your landscaping and looking into insulating your home. While these are definitely good things to do, you should also pay special care to get the chimney in your home inspected. Having a thorough chimney inspection Pasadena CA done can tell you a lot about whether it’s… Read more »

Chimney Maintenance

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Nothing beats the warm, ambient atmosphere that a fireplace can provide; however, the chimneys that provide ventilation for your fires need periodic maintenance and cleaning, much like most other things. Over time, chimneys gather creosote, a carbonaceous chemical. The sticky layer of creosote that resides on the inside walls of your chimney is highly flammable; because of this, it… Read more »

Taking Care of a Vacant Rental? Get Chimney Cleaning Before You Put Up a Listing

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The moment you find out that your tenant will move out of your rental in the near future, you want to start preparing for their departure. Investing in preventive maintenance, repairs, and house cleaning are all things that you will need to do before you list the rental again. But, if you have a chimney, you… Read more »

Considering a Chimney Build?

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Chimneys are a beautiful and stately feature on any home.  They add allure, coziness, and character to the architecture.  Chimneys are also very practical for the warmth and value they add to your home.  Constructing a fireplace in a new or old home, or a commercial space is a job that requires care and expertise.  Proper knowledge… Read more »

5 Benefits of Having Your Chimney Swept by a Professional

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This is a great time of year to make sure your chimney is in perfect working order for the winter. Chimney sweeping is something that should be done on a yearly basis. Below we will discuss five benefits of having your chimney swept by a professional. 1. Cleanliness: when your chimney is properly maintained, the… Read more »