3 Common Summertime Problems Best Caught by a Chimney Inspection

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Summer is the season of warmth and relaxation. For most homeowners, this means that their chimney and fireplace are last on their mind. After all, it’s too warm for fires inside the house and if you’re not using your fireplace, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, right? Unfortunately, even when your fireplace isn’t seeing… Read more »

Chimney Sweeping: Why it Matters so Much

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Keeping your chimney clean and in good repair is essential to the health of your family. It is a vital component of your home that removes dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide, from the air inside your home. Not to mention creosote, as you might have guessed is extremely flammable, and a fire that starts… Read more »

Chimney Restoration: What, When, Why, and How

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All things age and deteriorate, and at times they made need to be replaced. Chimneys are faithful in providing that lovely warmth that you feel within the winter months, but they too require restoration over time. Mortar joints damage with time, dampers rust, and spalling happens. These are just a few of the things that… Read more »