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When people hear of chimney cleaning, many times what comes to mind is the presence of soot. Well, chimney cleaning is a lot more than that! Read this blog post to learn some vital facts about chimney cleaning.  Importance of Cleaning the Chimney  Cleaning the chimney and the fireplace is important for several reasons. During… Read more »

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While many homes have fireplaces, not all of them are used every winter. Some homeowners liked a home, bought it, and had no interest in using the fireplace. However, whether you have decided you like ambiance or just want to cut your heating bills a little, if you decide to start using your fireplace suddenly,… Read more »

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The chimney liner is a key component to your chimney. It plays a crucial role in preventing hazardous gases and creosote from penetrating the chimney and entering your home. The chimney liner serves as a barrier that helps ferry all these harmful gases up and out of the chimney instead of letting them linger and… Read more »

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Getting your chimney cleaned might be one of those things you plan to do, but then keep forgetting about. There are well recognized benefits of chimney cleaning, such as fire safety and more efficient heating, but chimney cleaning is also better for your health. Let’s explore why. Allergens & Dust & Mold Even if your… Read more »

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Chimney fires are incredibly dangerous, but while you think you will definitely know if your chimney has burst into flames, few know the actual signs. As you have a fire in the hearth and fires will rise up, a fire in your chimney may not be immediately noticeable, and the time it goes unnoticed only… Read more »

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Chimney inspections are recommended as they help to assess the functionality of your chimney, and in the process, identify any issues that might lead to poor performance. Typically, chimney inspections take place annually, although factors such as disasters and how one uses a fireplace, can alter this timeline. There are three levels of inspection involved,… Read more »

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It is very important that you have your chimney cleaned at least once per year to ensure that it is kept in the best condition possible and continues functioning as it should. However, rather than trying to clean your chimney yourself, you should always hire a professional. Here are three reasons why. They Effectively Remove Creosote… Read more »